Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Wishes From CHLA

Our quick 'n easy chemo heist has taken a tiny detour. Pablo needs a blood transfusion. So we're furloughed until at least 4 p.m. The blood is being prepped now and should be flowing into Port O'Pablo by noon.

Opal came with us; a few minutes ago she announced, 'There's nothing fun about this hospital.' She's right! But we make do by snuggling on the double-wide blue sleeper, and kickin our fave PG flicks (see photo above). Being here today - stuck here - is a fitting way to spend the seventh last day of 2008. No one in our family has been anywhere, ever, as much as we've been in this building. Being here - and knowing we get to go home - makes me appreciate this special time of year in a way I've never contemplated before.

As I lay here with a blanket rammed between my head and the aluminum window sill, with a nasty cold breeze blowing on the back of my head, I have only one gift wish. And it's for xmas 2009. The gift? To be gone from this hospital for nine months by the time Cap'n Kringle drops the loot on December 25, 2009. No need for wrapping. A healthy and happy Pablo is all I need.


Anonymous said...

me too. same wish.

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Dawn: said...

Wishing all of you a beautiful Christmas together and a 100% healthy 2009.