Saturday, December 13, 2008


There's a fire burning in our hearth. The house is cozy warm. Actually, it's hot as hell in here! Grady and Pablo decorated the xmas tree. Two dozen ornaments are now hangin from the branches—the usual reindeer and snowmen and Santa Claus stuff, plus two German pickles and a few hand-blown glass peppers. Those are gifts from Fred. They look super cool on the tree.

We just had a family meeting to plan our trip to Universal Studios in the morning. We're psyched to see the Grinchmas show. Face it, P a b l o is beeeeeyond excited to see his main man the Grinch. Justin Reeve from Dangerbird arranged U Studios passes for us way back in the summertime. He is our hero for doing this. If you come to the Pablove Supreme party on Tuesday night, you can meet the man behind the Grinchmas plan. Front-of-the-line VIP passes and everything. It's the way to go. We haven't been able to use the passes til now cos Pablo's immune system and all that. With the holiday coming, we've been asking Dr M when's a good time to go. And tomorrow's it.

As a precaution, we are going as soon as the park opens at 9 a.m. Our thinking is that the attendance is lowest at the early hour. We'll bring a mask to keep P protected in the Grinchmas theater.

Awwwwwright.... Time to get P (and me) in bed. Lots of pix tomorrow.

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