Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Pablove Supreme

You may have heard about the Pablove party that Matt and Hrishi from Dangerbird and Alan from Filter Mag have put together. It's going down next Tuesday at 6 p.m. the new Urban Outfitters Space 15 Twenty on Sunset/Cahuenga. This is going to be a party, not a loud rock show. There will be plenty of time to talk and celebrate being together with friends—and to meet people you don't yet know.

In between all those talky moments, premium rock and roll noise will be provided Hrishi's band The One AM Radio, Peter's band Eulogies and our friend Sara Love. Silversun Pickups will be on hand to DJ, along with Jimmy Tamborello from Postal Service, and Daedelus.

It's free, open for all ages, there will be finger food and refreshments.

If you haven't picked up the Pablove Foundation double-disc music collection, you can pick one (or 10) up at the show.

If Pablo is able to attend, he will be there!

Feel free to grab the Pablove Surpreme poster above—designed by Rory Wilson from Dangerbird—and pass it around on email, or post it on your Facebook page or whatever.

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