Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Great Day In A Great Week

Pablo and his top hat 'n bow tie outfit. He decided to get dressed up for his walk with Polly this afternoon. —photo by Fred

We are having a great week. Pablo is zipping around the house filled with energy and smiles. Totally riding the lightning. He's counting everything in sight, positing, correcting, debating, conceptualizing, and rhapsodizing. It's really something. If we were worried about him missing out on kindergarten, we've come to the realization that he may be leaping up and over the zone by hanging out with his zany family and friends and a cast of doctors, nurses and medical techs.

Here's the other thing we are coming to grips with: Pablo adores Fred. I mean, we already knew that. But since Fred arrived on Monday, Pablo has not left his side. They watch TV together. They play games together. I walked into the dining room this afternoon, and Fred was explaining to Pablo how a computer cursor works. Pablo was tracking Fred's description of the cursor function, and Pablo was interjecting 'OK's and 'alright's. Hilarious. This morning, Pablo crept into the guest bedroom, climbed onto the bed, positioned his rear end above Fred's head and, just as he was about to drop a point-blank blast, Fred woke up and foiled the mission.... Not only is Pablo jumping the kindergarten shark, he's ready for college dorm life....

Jo Ann is going to take Pablo into the oncology clinic for a blood draw early tomorrow morning. Our next official blood draw is Monday; Dr M offered to draw blood Thursday if we wanted to track the rise of P's platelets. While they are doing that, I'm going to hit the mountains with Hrach and Matthew and some other guys from the Velo Pasadena Cycling Club. A former Mexican pro is joining us—a guy who has placed top 10 in the Tour de France four times!—so it should be a lot of fun. The men and women from my club have donated over $4,000 to the Pablove Foundation. Every day, I get an email or a phone call from a club member checking in on Pablo. The support we've gotten from that part of our world is amazing.

Will post tomorrow afternoon when we get home from our excursions.

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toomuchmetalfred said...

oh nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnO dude?!!?!? ride the lighting. that's waay to goooooooot!