Monday, December 1, 2008

Pablo Wants To Be Sedated

I'm standing at the technician's station looking through the glass. Just like a recording studio. Pablo's out. Jo Ann is helping to position his little body. They will only allow one parent in the room, torture for me. But that's the rules.

We tried to do the CT scan without sedation. Never needed it in the past. Thing is, today was our first scan in the brand new Philips donut machine. This thing is so cool it actually has two donut rings. Twice as cool to me, twice as scary to Pablo. He lost it when the bed began to slide in. 'I want Papa!' Tears. Screaming. Today's scan is of his chest, so he has to go in the machine all the way, including his head. He does not like. Not even a little.

He'll be in scanland for 2.5 hours, so we're gonna load the car, get our discharge papers in order, verify our blood transfusion (happening tomorrow cos the clinic is full today), pay for our new CHLA parking passes, and eat lunch.

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