Monday, December 1, 2008

Post-Op Bop

Pablo's two scans are complete. Mission accomplished. While he was in the machines, Jo Ann and I completed the items on our list. The three of us reunited in the nurses station - a giant room with curtained stalls. It's essentially a post-op room.

Pablo is still sleeping, and should be waking any minute. It's kinda freaky to see him in this chemically-induced sleep. For a start, P is normally bouncing off the walls and talkin a mile a minute at 3:30 p.m.

Our nurse from 4 West is incredibly sweet. She brought all of our discharge papers down here (two floors away) to help get us home.

Jo Ann says Pablo looks like one of the vampires in 'Twilight.' Not cos he has an insatiable bloodthirst. Because he is pale and gaunt and bald and his eyelids are mouse-ear pink.

Part of me wants to snap a picture of him sleeping. That part lost out to another part of me that thinks photographing my son under anesthesia is creepy and morbid. And to the presumption that Jo Ann would punch me in the neck if I snapped a shot in here. The reason for doing it is to show him one day when this era of his life is far, far away. I am sure he will have lots of questions, and will love this story. It's his story. But the one image that will be missing is the one above the caption, 'This was you on December 1 2008. You freaked out in the CT donut, so they put you under.'

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