Monday, December 15, 2008

No Chemo Today, Yes Party Tomorrow

Platelets are at 65,000 - almost at the magic 75k required for chemo. In this photo you can see Dr M telling me and Jo Ann that P ought to be ready for admission on Wednesday. We'll be back at CHLA at 7 a.m. Tuesday for an ultrasound of P's abdomen. Dr M is curious about some veins showing through the skin of P's tummy, and his belly button looking a bit pushed out. We just had an ultrasound a week ago, and it showed that everything was in order. So, we're not worried. But we are eager to be sure that P's liver is looking good, and that there's no excess fluid hangin around in there.

The HUGE upside to the chemo delay? Pablo will be able to attend the Pablove Supreme party tomorrow! I may be getting ahead of myself - in reality, we'll play it by ear. If he's rocking, we'll bring him through for a short time. At least long enough to eat some tortilla chips. And to wreck a little shop with Santa.

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