Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bingle Today, Blood Tomorrow

Almost bedtime....and we're finishing up our xmas decorating. After 42 hours of procrastination, I dug the holiday boxes out of the garage. Here's a family photo (Grady's with Jimmy tonight)—Mr. Bingle, Chili, Jo Ann and Pablo. Mr. Bingle is the Christmas mascot of the now-defunked New Orleans department store Maison Blanche. Another piece of Mommy's amazing childhood in the city we all wish we were from....

Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. we are due back at CHLA—this time for an ultrasound. Dr M wants to get a close look at the fluid in P's abdomen. He believes that it's secondary to the radiation. At noon we have a blood draw, and a 1 p.m. with Dr M. He will physically examine Pablo, and, based on his blood numbers, determine if he's OK to start chemo. As of Thursday, Pablo's platelets were at zero. Dr M said he'd have to be at 75,000 Monday in order to check into 4 West for the two night and three day Doxorubicin treatment. There's no way to know someone's platelet level from hanging out with them. But if Jo Ann and I had to guess, we think his numbers are up. He just looks good—full of color and energy. The CHLA blood lab will give us the real answer tomorrow at 1.

Hope you had a good weekend. We're out for the night.

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