Friday, December 5, 2008

Merry Malo Berry Walnuts

We just returned home from a great dinner at Malo. Even though Pablo threw up, we had a fun time playing 'I Spy' and chomping on chips. We ran into Christopher from Silversun Pickups and his girlfriend Sammy. It was great to see them. Reminds me that Malo is one the clubhouses of Silverlake—we always run into friends there.

After dinner, we went to Target in Eagle Rock to get a Christmas tree. Because Pablo is on immunocompromised, we can't have a real tree. Jo Ann and I kind of into having a fake tree. Just for this year. Pablo and I fell in love with the white ones. Guess we were in the mood to have a
Chuck Berry xmas, or a Paulie Walnuts xmas. Somethin real off the hook, with gold ornaments and happy time lights. Our plans were short-lived though. Jo Ann and Grady said No.

We're about to build the facsimile tree (pix tomorrow). Pablo ran down and saw me typing and demanded that I allow him to type something to you. He tapped the keys, I gave him the letter instructions. Here you go:

merry christmas

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