Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Post-Ultrasound Pancakes

Ultrasound went well. I mean, Pablo was basically in heaven: he got to lay on his back, watch cartoons and have someone rub his belly for 45 minutes. Not a bad deal. It beats getting poked with a needle. Or getting radiated in a giant NASA-sized machine.

We should get an email from Dr M later tonight letting us know that all's clear, or if there is something to discuss.

We hit up Mustard Seed on the way home from CHLA. Pablo couldn't eat this morning, and he was jonesing for grub. Our man Steven was there, and served up Pablo's fave—pancakes 'n eggs. Jo Ann joined us. She was making her way back from from dropping Grady at school in La Canada. I love when the big bad city of LA is that simple. Mornings like this make us feel like we live in a small town.

More later. Jo Ann and I have lots of work to get done before the Pablove Foundation party tonight.


Anonymous said...

best of luck at the party i wish i could be there

Anonymous said...

there in spirit