Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meet Our Family

The world's smallest top hat

Yesterday morning, Pablo and I decided to play with Play-Doh. I had no idea how happy it would make us. How much fun we'd have. And that it would fuel the first truly happy, not-at-all-sad post I've written in a long time.

At first, we made stuff out of it—little blobby objects. Then Pablo started playing with fruit from the fruit tray on the dining room table. That sparked an idea for me—something to make him laugh—and I popped two Play-Doh eyeballs and a mouth on an orange. He busted a gut laughing. Mission accomplished.

Then he made a face on another orange. And then he lined up five apples (counting them one-two-three-four-five) and made faces on them. We laughed the whole time. I almost felt like I was on drugs. It was genuine fun. And the look in his eyes as he was laughing—real, pure, sweet. One of us referred to the Dohed-up fruits as 'our fam.' That brought on more laughter. When Polly arrived, we introduced her to the family.

When we'd faced all the fruit, we shared the duty on his juice bottle. The last member of our family to come to life was the fake loaf of bread. Pablo noted to Polly that we had Mommy, Papa, Grady and Pablo oranges, and that there was no Polly. Then he remembered the loaf, and bestowed loafdom on her. That's true love.

This morning, I drove Grady to school and Jo Ann took Pablo to the CHLA oncology clinic for another blood draw. Dr M is going to run specific tests to be sure his major abdominal organs are working properly.

Here's some pix of le familia:

This is our whole family—Polly is the loaf of fake bread, and we are the oranges.

Mommy and Papa

Grady and Pablo

Some of our early works—the whole gang.


Anonymous said...

Um...that IS really funny. From my play-dough experience, looks like much more fun than the spiral "cupcakes" Neptune and I have been making lately....

Dank said...

hey jeff,
my little guy just spent hours making a "family" of cookies and crackers using icing and red hots.. looks a lot like pablo's fam.
thinking of you all as always my best to pablito and fam.

Dawn: said...

OMG, you guys are the most attractive family of oranges I have ever seen.