Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Pablove Supreme+Ultrasound Results

First things first: Dr M emailed us late this morning to say that the ultrasound shows a great lookin gut. No fluid hanging around, liver is OK and the veins are flowing properly. Looks like all is in order for Pablo to check into CHLA tomorrow for two nights and three days of chemo.

That completes the medical portion of this transmission.

Now on to the Pablove Supreme party report. I will keep it brief because my eyelids are falling as I type. Bottom line is, the party was a giant physical expression of the love and the community and the realness that has surrounded us from the first instant of Pablo's cancer journey. Almost all of the people who were at my birthday dinner on May 17 were at the party. Those people broke bread with P before we took that fateful drive to CHLA ER and discovered Pablo's tumors. Tonight, there were about 250 additional people in the house. That's a lot of people. A lot of love and many, many arms hugging us.

Pablo and I walked through the party a couple times. I held him in my arms cos he was shy and overwhelmed. Mostly just plain shy. Even with his friends. Jo Ann, Polly and I know when P wants to, like, hide in the corner, and when he's OK to rock the party. Tonight was one of the times he was OK to rock the party. It worked out very well.

More partytalk and pics later tomorrow. I am tired. Not sure if my writing is communicating anything. But I tried.


Anonymous said...

soooooo glad the party was i hit

i knew it would be

you all are loved


Unknown said...

Love love love - that's what it's all about!