Monday, July 13, 2009


Francine and Pablo on the field at Dodger Stadium

Last night, Jo Ann and I were watching TV, catching up on a show from last season. It's the first time since Pablo's passing that we've sat in our TV room and turned our brains off in this special American way. In fact, Pablo himself spent plenty of time in this room throughout the 13 months of his treatment, watching 'Sponge Bob' and 'Scooby Doo' and tons of movies. We love it in here.

While we were watching the show, I remembered a thought I'd had Sunday morning: to check the June 27 2008 entry on the Pablog. I wanted to see what we had done exactly a year before Pablo's death. So I picked up my laptop and typed in the date in the search bar on the blog. I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw what we'd been up to on that date. It was the night we went to the
Dodger game with Francine and our friends Alix and David and sat in their amazing season seats. The night Pablo got to go onto the field and get his ball signed. In his super ginormous Dodger tee shirt. The night they put his image up on all the flat panel screens in the stadium with a 'Welcome to Dodger Stadium, Pablo!' message. That night was so amazing. It was crazy. If you want to go down memory lane, click here for the pics and post I put up the next day.

What's even crazier is this: This morning, I received an email from Felicia Glover, the marketing person from Nike who has been working with us on the Livestrong commercial. (The spot with Pablo and I—and still pictures of Jo Ann and Grady—premieres this Friday!) Felicia's email said that someone from the Nike / Livestrong team in Portland would be contacting us today to see if we'd be up to throw the first pitch at an upcoming Dodger game. The symmetry is powerful, huh? A couple hours later, my assistant Acacia called to say that person had contacted her, and the game is this Saturday night. We have a call with the dude at Nike later today. Will fill you in on the details when we know.

One thing we are sure of: we're going to ask them to put Pablo's face on all the HD screens in the stadium again. One other thing Jo Ann is sure of: Jimmy and Grady need to teach me how to throw a baseball lol!
I am going to stop right here and say one thing: PABLO IS ALL AROUND. The feeling I had about checking the blog to remember our activities exactly one year before Pablo's death was so clear and powerful. It was a special feeling. Not about trivia. Something higher than that. The kind of thing I just knew I had to do.

LA is filled with billboards proclaiming that our fine city is Dodgertown. On Saturday night, they're gonna have to change it to Pablotown.


Jackson said...

Just gave me goosebumps !!! Bunch of butterfly's flying around today outside and couldn't help myself but to say, "Hello, Pablo " His love is everywhere !!
You'll are amazing parent's.
Cheri and Jackson

Anonymous said...

This is pretty amazing Pablo power Jeff. I see what you mean. I feel it too. It will continue forever.
xoxo Nevrik

Lisa Hickey said...

LOL! THEY SURE ARE!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! I want tickets to that Dodger game!!!!!

So glad to hear that you guys will go see the tour finish up. Pablo will definitely be with you there, as well, NO DOUBT!!!

Peace & Love!

Jen said...

Jeff -

Holy cow...keep it coming. I am getting so much out of your posts. Go baseball!!!!

Lots of love - Jen Rhodes

beth said...

i wish i were still in LA to see the PABLOtown signs

Bianca said...

So glad you found the answer to "where". :-) I suspect your sureness in it will come and go, but today is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found your answer to "where". :-) I suspect the sureness in it will come and go, but one day of knowing is one more day of knowing than you had before...


Anonymous said...

pablo is all around!!! think of you guys constantly!

prayers, love & light!


Anonymous said...

It already is PABLOTOWN! my friend! Let the world continue to catch up and feel his joy!


Dawn said...

I love synchronicity...a sign that you are on your right path.