Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good Morning From Paris

You wake up in Paris and look at the picture of your son playing drums at his friend Miles' house when he was our. You realize you are in Paris, your wife is sitting on the bed next to you, your older son is in the shower. And the photo you have is your only non-computerized visual reminder of the little boy who, on any given day during his six years and six days on this earth, would have filled this room with his volcano of energy and joy.

We are on this trip for many reasons. one of them is to find Pablo in the world. Not the physical Pablo—his work on this earth was complete on june 27 2009. We are looking for Pablo in us, in the beauty of the world, in the experience of getting away, in the fear of leaving home and wondering why we got to go on and he had to leave. We are looking for Pablo and we will find him. We already have, in many ways.

I am sure I dreamt of Pablo last night. I am sure he spoke to me. I am sure I can't recall any of it. Just a hazy memory. I'll keep dreaming and keep trying to remember. It will happen.

But not right now. It's 6 a.m. We've been up since before 5. Feels good. Now we're off to find a cafe that's open. Need espresso. Shouldn't be hard. We are in the middle of the middle of Paris on Rue de Rivoli, a block from Place de la Concorde, which is at the eastern end of the final stretch of road of the Tour de France—Champs-Elysees.

There must be caffeine within five meters of this bed. Time to find it.


Heather said...

So enjoying all the updates.Cannot believe amidst it all, you find the time to keep us in the loop.Thinking of you,praying for you and sending you good vibes for each of your moments there.Pablo is waiting patiently to come to you in your dreams.I am sure he is waiting for that very moment when you need him most.Love to you all.

Amanda said...

Volcano...such potent descriptions. I lament not knowing him in person, but applaud your celebration and pursuit of Pablo.

Stephanie said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip. May you return to happy peaceful hearts.

Anonymous said...

As Matt and I used to say - Tres Frais! I know that probably doesn't mean much in French. Don't know where the accents go and if Frais is spelled that way, but for a couple of kids in college who thought they were pretty cool at the time, it was our way of saying - Very cool!!