Monday, July 27, 2009

Pablove In New Orleans

I guess you can tell from the pic above that Pablo made the paper. This morning, the New Orleans daily The Times-Picayune is running a story on Pablo on the front page of its Living section. And it's not just a random story written on a hometown girl who lost her son. The piece is written knowingly by a fellow Wilms' Tumor mom, Pam Radtke Russell. She and Jo Ann met through mutual friends—Anne and Neal Morris—whose children were in school with Pam's daughter Caitlin when she was going through treatment. (Those of you who attended Pablo's memorial will remember Neal as the man who was as gripping and as funny as David Sedaris.) So Pam wrote this piece as not only a professional, but as the mother of a cancer kid—Caitlin is in remission—who knows exactly what Jo Ann, her email friend, went through, because she went through it herself. A rare scenario. And we hope it gets rarer.

It was cool to this piece while laying in bed in Paris this morning. It's a wonderful tribute to Pablo, and another giant ray of Pablove light out in the world. Thank you, Pam, for honoring Pablo. He'd be happy—and probably a bit taken aback!—to see his portait flying on the front page.

We are breakfast-bound. Talk to ya later.


Anonymous said...

On the wings of butterflies, Lance Armstrong took a place at the podium……and we know who he did it for! That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing the article in the New Orleans Daily. It was beautiful and hit home that so much more research and funding is needed to help fight and cure cancer in children. Lisa Hickey

Tish Hearne said...

The article says it all. It's beautiful.

Tish & family

Notice the advertisement next to Pam's article - it's a child dressed in a butterfly costume!!

Anonymous said...

What a great article about a very special boy! I believe Pablo knows about the story and is proud of his family who are continuing to live their lives of love and sharing with others. Pablo leaves a legacy of living love and hope! Elizabeth