Monday, July 20, 2009

The Opening Pitch (video)

Pablove at Dodger Stadium:

Jeff and Pablo in the LIVESTRONG "It's About You" campaign


Heather said...

Funny,As I read the previous post and the one comment there when I visited, it was exactly what I was moved to repeat,so I'll repeat it again:

"I'm starting to see very clearly that one of the reasons we are here in life, on this place we call Earth, is to share love with others. To give our love to others. To receive the love of other people when we are fortunate enough to be loved back. To be clear, authentic, without hesitation, without regret."

loving you guys and sending you peace and strength for the moment to moment journey you are traveling.

Jules said...

Those are both phenomenal videos!

JT Griffith said...

Think Blue!! Wear yellow!

Troy said...

WOW! thanks for rocking the price as music bed under this vid Jeff. Nice one. xx

Haley said...

What a great tribute to Pablo.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that video. I was on the LiveStrong Yellow Team that day and was by our chalk boards when the 1st pitch was thrown so I missed it.

It's truly amazing that you are able to share your story, both the pain and love with everyone. Your pabskrit blog brought tears to my eyes.

Good luck with your quest to share your story. May you find comfort knowing he is in a better place and watching over you and your family. May Pablo continue to livestrong through your family and friends.

- Lauren