Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Abbiamo Appeso Con Pablo In Chiesa

We hung with Pablo in church. That's what the post title says, and it's what we did in our first 30 minutes in Venice this afternoon. We didn't even know the name of the chiesa. Still don't. But look at it—the place is O.G.—that place has a direct link to God.

We lit a candle for Pablo. The three of us knelt at the prayer station on the hard, unpadded wood, and prayed. We didn't talk about what we prayed for, or if we just prayed to Pablo. I prayed for Pablo, to Pablo, and for our family's harmony and healing. I prayed for Pablo's happiness and clarity. Maybe I was praying, really, for the happiness and clarity of the three of us. The church and our experience in it had a feeling. It's still with me. It's a clear, clean feeling.

Last night was a rough night of sleep for me. Then I dragged Jo Ann into it, and asked her to comfort me. She did. And ended up not going back to sleep. The flight from Paris to Venice was easy, but the combo of a bad night's sleep and a travel day has left us wiped out. We'll post plenty more pix tomorrow.

Buona notte!

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The Hearnes said...

We're not only with you in spirit on your travels, but we're with you in prayer every single day. We hope you get some much needed rest and continue to experience Pablo's presence - European Style - every step of the way.

Pablove and blessings to the three of you!
Tish & Family