Friday, July 24, 2009

Pablove In The Kauai Sand

Pablo's friend Cassiel is on holiday in Hawaii. His mom Tracy just sent us the below email with the above pic.

Something about the Blum family being all the way over there, and the three of us going all the way round the globe in the other direction, just hit me. That something is the way people's love for Pablo and people's processing of the loss of Pablo - particularly k i d s - is being expressed and passed on for all to see, in words and photographs. That something is also, simply put, people's love for themselves and those around them. Pablo's greatest gift to all of us - we keep hearing this from everyone - is to slow down and appreciate what's right in front of us. A moment. A flower. A courteous gesture from another person. A misstep you just made and the apology that followed. That kind of thing.

Here's Tracy's email - no better words than hers to explain the photo:

Aloha from Pablo's biggest fans in Kauai! We were sitting on the beach writing our names in the sand and Cassiel looked up and thought that Pablo would be able to see his name if we wrote it in the here it is...and there he was...:)


Tish Hearne said...

I'm looking forward to going to France and Italy!! We continue to be on this journey with you; thank you for the invite!! :)

We've been looking for butterflies, and we'll now look for some Parisian and Italian butterflies, especially in the form of a bicycle in the weeks ahead. Go Pablo Go!!

You're all in our daily prayers. Have a safe and beautiful time together abroad.

Our love,
Tish & family

Dolly Duplantier said...

Wow. I just love how children express such beautiful, innocent and unconditional love. Thanks for taking us along on your journey!

Anonymous said...

Blessings from LA.....Have a wonderful trip!
My boys want to have a picnic with Pablo this week....I'll send u pics and let you know how it goes.
Much love to you, Jo Ann and Grady.