Monday, July 27, 2009

Help Polly Help You

We have never utilized the Pablog for anything other than telling Pablo's story and our experience as we've lived his story with - and now without - our dear little boy.
We've decided to break that rule. Just once. And for the only good reason we could ever imagine: to help Polly.

Now that Pablo is gone, Polly is not only grieving and shattered, like us. But unlike us, Polly is also out of a job. She is starting grad school at Pepperdine in the fall - pursuing her Pablo-inspired path of child psychology - and is looking to continue working with children on a less-than-full time basis. I guess you'd say regular babysitting charges will be her focus rather than full time nannywerk.

In case you haven't picked up on this, Jo Ann and I highly recommend Polly. She changed the course of our family, and certainly contributed greatly to Pablo's life. But if you're reading the Pablog, you already know that!

If you'd like to get in touch with Polly, please send a DIRECT COMMENT on the blog. These comments go directly to Jo Ann's email and she will forward to Polly.

Thank you!


Heather said...

Okay Polly,Zoey's mom here.Our oldest just graduated from Pepperdine in May and our other daughter will begin in the fall.Go to the Pepperdine job board and I know you will find something,probably multiple things, there.Jess babysat for a wonderful family for quite a bit and there are always professors looking as well.Malibu is loaded with people looking for nannies and one like you,well they will have hit the jack pot!Good luck.Have Jo Ann give you my email or find it on my blog and you can chat with Jess or if we can help in anyway..Always thinking of you Polly and sending you strength for the road ahead.Maybe we will see you around campus sometime ..

Unknown said...

jo ann,

we'd love to have polly babysit as much or as little as she might need and we're very flexible. please have her call or email us.

xo josh and tina

Anonymous said...

Wishing Polly the very best, as she pursues her path in Child Psychology. I’m sure that Pablo will be with her every single step of the way and she will shine! It is a rare thing to touch so many lives, and Pablo did that in a very short time. He made an impact in this world. There are truly not very many of us who can say that. He was a brave and beautiful little boy and he will live on, forever in so many hearts around the world. Lisa Hickey

Anonymous said...

Has Polly considered working with kids with autism? With her bachelor's and experience working with kids, I'm sure she's qualified. It's also an interesting idea because she is getting her masters in child psych.

I laughed so much reading your stories of Pablo's life because they reminded me so much of my time with my little kiddos.

I work in the field and I have a lot of contacts. I can give her the typical rates a company will offer, she would have benefits (something she may/may not need), flexibility for school and I find it is so incredibly rewarding.

my email is thatmeggirl @ (space to keep the spammers at bay)


Unknown said...

Although we haven't met in person, we have so very much in common. I'm Fyn's grandma. I've gotten up each morning, opened my heart and checked into Pablog. I would love to speak with Polly as there may be a need for Fyn and little brother Felix to enjoy her company. Sending you healing love,

Anonymous said...

We would love to have Polly babysit Conner, our sitter is interviewing for a full time job and we have been looking for someone. Please let her know we would love for her to contact us- Paige and Jason,

Ray Santamaria said...

Jo ann,

Please pass on our information to Polly or forward hers. We would be honored to have Polly baby sit for Ruby! We live in WLA, not too far from the Pepperdine MA program near LAX. We have yet to find Ruby a baby sitter other than a family member and are finally ready to take that step. Working with Polly would make us so comfortable with the transition. We know you think highly of her and we feel like we know her already from the blog! AND, we can all sit around and talk psychology. Seems like a fit to me.

Thanks a bunch and enjoy Italy!

Ray and Stacey Santamaria

lara breitenbach said...

it would be a gift to have polly share time with mercer. a gift for him and us. i don't know if she's up for lil river too - the party animal in the body of a toddler - but we'd love to have her in our lives any way she'd like. she can email/call any time.
kisses - lara