Saturday, July 4, 2009

Livestrong: It's About Pablo

Pablo and I are in this Livestrong / Nike 'It's About You' TV commercial. This is a trailer for the larger campaign. Everyone you see in this commercial has their own 30 second spot, where they describe their struggle with cancer in their own words. This trailer is running now on TV. There are actually two Pablo spots—after Pablo's death, Lance asked Nike to create a tribute to Pablo. Not sure which will run, or if both will run. Will let you know.

We had so much fun filming this. Pablo and Polly ran all over the Montalban Theater lobby playing while I sat in a small, hot room filming. Pablo came in at the end and did his thing. He was shy in front of the cameras and under the hot lights. But, of course, he was excited and fascinated with it all as well. We filmed the same day we met Lance in the CHLA 4th floor play room—Saturday March 7.

It's an honor for Pablo and I to represent our family in this way. When we filmed our 'It's About You' session, Pablo was rocking. We were just a few weeks away from the end of his long chemo course. We had no idea his cancer would recur on treatment, or that he would be gone just three-and-a-half months from the day of this filming. Of course we didn't. Participating in this campaign is and was congruous with our family's passion for life. We did everything we could to have fun, to have experiences, to reprezent our family in the fight against cancer. This was and is part of that.

Even if Pablo were snuggled up beside me in bed as I write this, as he was 10 days ago at this time, our 'It's About You' commercial will help propel the Pablove message to people all over the world. It would have been just as impactful if Pablo were still with us. The Pablove message is to fight childhood cancer with love. This means we will carry Pablo's energetic legacy to help childhood cancer treatment and research and support the quality of life of kids in treatment—play rooms, books, games, music, activities.

When the other two commercials are released, we will post them here.


Kim (Atlanta GA) said...

wow. chills + tears. amazing ad!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for these, and for everything, really. I love that you're working on quality of life issues for children with cancer. I try to do the same for children with seizure disorders/epilepsy, like my daughter Sophie. I think those issues often get overlooked in the very important efforts to find cures. I look forward to contributing to your efforts and will always feel Pablove.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Brian said...

This is rad, Jeff.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I found out about Pablo through a friend and have followed your journey for months. I am in Texas and just saw the commercial for the first time within the past hour. Pablo and your family's message of love and light will carry on and this commercial is just proof of that (among many other things!)! Peace!

Dawn: said...

Beautiful spot.

Anonymous said...

I think this is amazing Jeff. I am so proud of you guys. You two are amazing parents. Give Jo Ann my love. Hope you guys are having a peaceful day. Pablo is with me and my family. We can't stop thinking of cuuute Pablo.
love Nevrik

Stephanie said...

My husband saw this on TV. I couldn't get there in time, he said I think I just saw Pablo and his Dad in that commercial! It was you! It's wonderful. Sending our love and prayers to all.

MKPatrick said...

Luke, Amelia and I watched this over and over to catch a glimpse of Pablo. Sweet. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us.
As always, Love & Light

chad said...

Powerful add.

Livestrong + Pablove = live strong and love

Pablo wouldn't have it any other way