Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Visiting Pablo

We've had a lot of inquiries from people wanting to visit Pablo at Forest Lawn. We love this.

Hrishi has made it easy for you to walk out your front door and head to Pablo's new home. In fact, Hrishi has somehow Google Mapped Pablo's precise location at Forest Lawn.

To map out your trip, all you have to do is click here, and then:

• click 'get directions'

• fill in address of your starting point

• click 'search maps'

• you're set — print or email directions to your phone

Once you get to Forest Lawn, you can ask the security guard for a map or verbal directions to Pablo's grave:

Lincoln Terrace
Section 5082
Space 4a

Pablo's grave marker is not in place yet. You will know it's Pablo because he is between a young tree, and the terrace wall. We call that the Geronimo! wall.

There are three vases built into the ground, two over Pablo, and one on our other family spot. We welcome and encourage you to bring flowers. If your flowers will crowd one of the vases, no problem. We go there every day, and we are happy to fix things up when we get there. We'd prefer that you don't dispose of any flowers, even if they are old. It is our pleasure and our duty to keep Pablo's grave tidy and beautiful. We thank you in advance for bringing beautiful flowers to our dear boy. Bring flowers that mean something to you, your kids, your family, or a departed loved one. Feel free to leave a little card or note. Or not. It's up to you.

If you bring flowers, have your florist cut the stems to eight inches. This is the perfect length, so the flowers will rest at the top of the vase and won't flop around in the wind. It's really windy up there!

Also, feel free to hang out, talk to Pablo, pray, meditate, read a book, have lunch, whatever. If you've never been to a grave and all this stuff sounds out there to you, just go and do it your way. There is no right way or wrong way. Going is the significant thing.

One last thing: if you do go, bring a blanket, or something to sit on to keep the moisture off your bum. And the ever-growing piles of deer poo who seem to be hanging around their new charge Pablo on a nightly basis. We only know this from the poo pellets they leave behind all round his grave. You'll see them when you go up there. It all makes sense. Pablo, the deer, the white dove that landed 10 yards from us the other day and circled around us and landed again in the same spot... Just as Pablo did every day of his physical life, where we met and fell in love with him, he is now making friends with the beings who populate his new world, the world of nature.

We hope to see you there.


SteveAudio said...

Pam & I will go visit Pablo sometime this week.

Unknown said...

Pablo will be my first stop the next time I get to LA. Thank you for sharing this, and him, with all of us.

Unknown said...

i can't wait to go visit pablo.
i will bring the boys tomorrow.

loving the deer part of this story.
still seeing sooooooooo many yellow butterflies!!!


Jules said...

Thanks for this! I plan to visit him when i`m in town next Tuesday.

thepiersolfamily said...

Thank you Jeff for opening this up to your community. We will go for a visit- perhaps a picnic and Gracie can play with a toy Pablo would like. :)
love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the invitation. It's nice to know that you value and welcome us all to this very sacred space. My daughter happened upon the Pablo mural at dangerbird HQ the day after the funeral while shopping with friends in silver lake. It was so random that she came upon your friend as he began the work. She knew all about Pablo from our conversations and we plan to drive by again soon to check out the progress. Thanks for putting this on the website. The Shepard Fairey picture is FABULOUS! It is a comfort to me when I think of Pablo, often late at night. You are all in my thoughts, and I send lots of Love and Light to you all.- Kathy Rinden

Anonymous said...

We visited Pablo yesterday. I saw him in my dreams and woke up and had to go visit. It felt good to visit P. We will visit him often as a lot of family members are at the same place. We are there a lot.
xoxo Nevrik

Anonymous said...

I love this blog and I am so glad to hear you will keep writing as I continue to check it each day. Thank you for always sharing with and inspiring us! (please note I wrote his the morning you posted about the doves, but before I had read it-just had to marinate on it before posting...)

"Pablo Is Love"

Little Buddha
Geronimo jumps
Top hat, bow ties and pirate loot
Everything that Jo Ann, Papa
And Grady find cute
Little star way up in the sky
Lights up the Hollywood Hills
Giving us gifts of laughter, goose bumps,
Sadness and stories that leave us changed,
Sharing above all unselfishly a journey most
Could not endure
Beautiful display of love for each other,
The gift their son gave them each day
Please come with us and celebrate
And in a stunning chapel
Bathed in white, hold steady
As we take our last walk with him
And witness his beautiful butterflies take flight
We can only leave a flower, or a handful of dirt
And will never understand all the uncertainty, all their hurt
13 months of fighting
39 stars
6 years and 6 days
But we see his soul soar and smile about with such grace
For he has left us this great gift in his place
Who could ever understand their sorrow?
But understand their love,
Mapping itself across the world
Beating drums, beating hearts
Words of wisdom, words of light
Visions of a 'beautiful boy' glowing bright
And out of our hearts more love pours
And hugs go round
People they didn’t even know
For this little boy
Special dove
Pablo is love.

Dani Knight said...

Cris and I plan to visit Pablo very soon. We've taken up cycling (very much inspired by Jeff's cycling stories!) and if Forest Lawn permits it, we'll ride our bikes there this weekend. And, rest assured that both of us are always checking the blog and there's no way we're abandoning it!

Steve said...

I barely know you, but think of you all so often. You are never alone. Everything may mean nothing right now, but as we all have learned, the briefest of time on this planet can galvanize tidal waves of love. Bathe in everyone's love while you grieve.


Anonymous said...

The kids and I are in Maine and thinking so much about you all. Hayden especially has been talking about Pablo, and spontaneously will sit “cris cross applesauce” and start to put his hands in prayer and Om to him. It is so sweet. We will visit his grave when we return from Maine. Hayden wants to bring flowers and Averill wants to bring sea glass. So much love to you all. Xo Lee & Josiah

Unknown said...

I sat with Lilly yesterday on a bench in Plummer Park, after dropping off Noah at Walther, and explained to her that Pablo had died. Among her many sweet questions ("What does their bed look like?"; "Was he happy right before he died?"), she wanted to know if she could visit his grave. So we went this morning and sat for a while. We smelled the incense! We noticed the deer droppings (imagined they are coming to nibble on the tender flower offerings), and saw so many little birds flitting about doing their buzy work. One buzzed us noisily, twice. It was lovely and peaceful and warm. Lilly wanted to know why it was so quiet there.
Thinking of you all often and with much love, Greg

Anonymous said...

Thanks for extending the invitation to visit Pablo. I'm planning on going with a few close friends and playing a game of Uno for Pablo.

Your son was deeply loved by total strangers. We miss him so very, very much.

Marilyn said...

You are amazing ... I don't know you ... but feel so very close to you, your family ... and Pablo. None of you will be forgotten. You have a forever place in my heart and soul. You have given the world a special gift by giving your "voice" to love, loss and living. I am so inspired by you to be a better person. I treasure your "friendship."