Friday, July 17, 2009

Pablo+Papa LIVESTRONG 'It's About You' Film Is Live On The Net

» Watch Jeff & Pablo's LIVESTRONG commercial here.

We are very proud to be part of Lance's global cancer campaign and his return to bike racing.

We are also very raw. It is deeply, deeply moving to see this film. To see Pablo. To know that we filmed this in February when we thought everything was going to turn out OK. When we thought July would be the third month of Pablo being in the clear, having prevailing over cancer. What we thought doesn't matter anymore. What's real and what's in our hearts is what counts. Thoughts are good for ordering coffee and remembering to slow down on amber.

Our hearts tell us to love Pablo, and to feel joy and happiness at the millions of wonderful memories of our boy. Our hearts tell us to keep his love and exuberance alive through our action with the Pablove Foundation.

And that's what is happening with the launch of our 'It's About You' film. This is going to reach the ears and eyes and hearts of people all over the world.

This reach + this connectivity is part of what Pablo came to do in this life. We know that now. It is as clear as Pablo's absence in our physical lives.

If you want to check out the film on the Nike / Livestrong website, click here.

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Thank you.


Charlotte said...

I passed dangerbird today. the mural is awesome! what a perfect way to honor pablo


Heather said...

Watched the spot.Evoked so much emotion.Loved seeing Pablo and his Papa together.I know you all did not set out to be inspirations but you are.By horrible,unfair default,you are.You too are our road map.And,as parents to a child with cancer,we wake up trying to navigate the "unknowingness" and breathing the "dark air" and are guided by the inspiration of you all and most especially Pablo.I wish like hell you didn't have to be our inspiration.I truly do.But come tomorrow, we will continue to move forward with Zoey, "clear of mind and heart" and will do our job.Thank you~we love you.

Read the post below ...sending you peace and strength for all of your firsts.

Mark and the kids went to Santa Barbara to a butterfly exhibit ... thought instantly of P.

Maike said...

VERY moving film. One can see the love and hope in your eyes and smile. It breaks my heart to think you had to lose this hope. But it also really makes me positive that you will somehow get through this and live on to be an inspiration to others with your foundation. Especially also an inspiaration to other 'parent-survivors'.
You deserve only the best, lots of love from Germany!

Anonymous said...

I put this on skype and on facebook and sent the link around. I want everybody to see this.
love and peace to you, you're a wonderful dad.

James said...

this guy is another example of what an inspiration a bereaved father can be to others. he actually also founded a foundation,looking after children in Palestine.


Dawn said...

Beautiful but gutwrenching. I linked to it on my Facebook page. Love to you all.