Thursday, July 30, 2009

Più Fotografie Venezia

More Venice photographs!

We forgot a b u n c h of cool shots from our day in Venice.... Today will be our first day in a week where we do nothing. Our entire itinerary involves walking across the street from the hotel and sitting in our cabana on the beach and swimming in the Adriatic Sea. Joanna booked this cabana for us, and it was a very, very wise and sweet thing to do. We NEED a day that doesn't involve planes, trains or automobiles—or shoes for that matter—and today is that day.

Here's the pix from yesterday:

Jo Ann walking in the front door at Peggy Guggenheim's casa. 20 feet to the left side of this pic is the Grand Canal.

A piece from the Robert Rauschenberg 'Gluts' show

Grady's fave painting of the day—or possibly ever—from Peggy's Futurists collection.

My fave of the day—and possibly ever—'Il ciclista' by Mario Sironi. This painting was done in 1916—way before freeways and car-congested city centers.

Grady placing a note on the Yoko Ono 'Wish Tree' in the museum garden.

We've passed this statue a bunch of times. It caught our eye every time. Pablo called himself the boy lion. And this lion has wings. You know what we're sayin, right?

Grady loves the Kanye glasses on the Italian Coke can. Click here to see Pablo in his Pabye glasses on Larchmont Boulevard.


Nancy said...

I have been following your trip and enjoy the pictures very much. I have smiled and I have cried for you. I know you will have a great "do nothing" day. I see the smiles on your faces and I also see the pain in your eyes. Thank you for sharing with us.

Polly said...

Hi, I found your story via Lance, cycling, and my local newspaper. Makes me very sad, I am a childhood cancer survivor (Lymphoma) I appreciate your foundation. Just read all about Pablo, what a handsome boy. I'm so sorry for your loss, wish I could change it for you.


Seonaidh said...

keep going, you deserve every precious minute of this trip. And italy is just amazing...

loads of love from Scotland!

Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying all of your pics and keeping up with your adventures. I LOVE the Kanye glasses pics. Thanks for providing the link back to Pablo. Thinking of all of you and sending my love and prayers too. Tell Grady that I especially enjoyed the Shepard Fairey mural in Venice!
Healing light and warmth,
xo Kathy R. xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful art; love the angel lion and the soda!

James M said...

still here, still reading. pablo's everywhere. wishing you peaceful, restful sleep.