Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pablove En España

Church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona

Another candle internationale lit for Pablo—this time in Barcelona. The candle was lit by Silversun Pickups singer Brian Aubert and his fiancee Tracy Marcellino. SSPU is on tour in Europe all summer.

Pablo spent lots of time with SSPU. I remember bringing Pablo to 10 p.m.
band meetings at the old house down the block from us on Westerly Terrace where Brian and SSPU bassist Nikki Monninger lived. That was back in '04 when P a baby, Dangerbird was a baby, and, compared to the chart-topping days of 2009, SSPU was still a baby. Life was very different for all of us back then—we had our meetings at 10 p.m. cos they all had day jobs and couldn't meet any earlier. Pablo also tagged along with me on countless trips to SSPU recording sessions, video shoots, concerts. His last SSPU concert was Coachella 2009, back in April. Pablo wore his florescent green rifle muffs over his ears. He stood in front of me in the wing of the stage. I held his shoulders as the band played their set, headlining the second stage in front of 10,000+ fans. Pablo loved the lights and the bombastic sound that thumped his chest. And then he fell asleep in Jo Ann's arms in the back of a golf cart backstage.

Brian and Tracy sent the above pics—and the below message:

hello jeff.

on july 13th at 4:48pm, tracy and i lit a candle for our bud pablo...

santa maria del mar, barcelona, spain...

we love him and we love you...

brian and tracy


Unknown said...

pablo at coachella asleep in jo ann's arms after sspu's set...i'll always remember that moment.

warm & fuzzies always

Charlotte said...

so cool!!!

pablo's spirit lives on forever!!!
much love, peace, and happiness,

baby charlotte

Heather said...

Lighting up the world Mr.Pablo.Lighting up the worls.