Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pablo Pitch Pics

Here are a few pics from last night's Dodger game. Will write a full piece on our experience later today when the video is ready to post. Too tired to write at the moment. I will have ingested plenty of caffeine by the time the video file arrives.

Before the pitch

Can you tell Grady's laughing?

Many feelings and thoughts as I look at this photo. At first glance, it's a cool photo of a cool experience. A millisecond later, the sadness in the scene snaps at my skull and cracks in my ears. There could be no clearer illustration that Pablo is gone. The smiles on our faces convey the joy in honoring Pablo in front of 35,000 people.

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Meike said...

That second picture, that's life. Life in the face of death, or to use Obama's words: hope in the face of hopelessness, the audacity of hope. Hope that life goes on, somehow.