Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pabi Roger

Until Pablo's head stone arrives, and to make Pablo's grave unmistakable, we've added two flags that will confirm you're at the right spot—a Jolly Roger, and a little Pablove flag. I'm gonna name that one the Pabi Roger. He'd love that. Pabi was Pablo's nickname until he was about two.

If you are thinking about coming to see Pablo, and are concerned about the narrow window between the break in LA's gnarly heat and Forest Lawn's 6 p.m. closing time, we have a tip for you. We've found that the cemetery gates do not close promptly at 6. I rolled in here at 6:10 this evening on the bike and cars were still streaming in. Another tip is to bring not only a blanket or something to sit on, but an umbrella to cut the sun's heat. It's so beautiful and peaceful sitting here at Pablo's grave—and le intense soleil this time of year is the only impediment to enjoying the 40 mile eastern view of the San Gabriel Mountain range.

As I'm typing this, a flock of little brown birds—150 or so—flew above Polly and I. Stunning.


Heather said...

Skull and cross bones and Pablo, will always and forever be synonymous to me.For that is how I first met him.Spying a pirate clad little love roaming the 4E floor.I remember a few days later he had a pair of tennis shoes on with skulls on the soles.Seeing I am a skull and cross bones kinda gal,we had that instant connection.We'll be by to visit P while you all are away.We'll chat it up he and I.I can't wait.Love to you all.

Elizabeth said...

A monarch butterfly flew straight toward my car window today on Rimpau and then veered sharply off, flying away. I thought simultaneously of Pablo.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my name is Linda, I'm 16 and I'm from Germany. I stay tuned with your blog for a while and everytime I read posts I'm crying. I know, I didn't get in touch with Pablo or one of you, but I'm very touched. This reminds me so hard of my little sister's friend. She was diagnosed leukaemia and died not even one month after that. She became 8 at that day. It happened almost a year ago. My sister was that much shocked, she's still asking: 'When M.'ll come back?'.
Everytime, it breaks my heart.
Quit another matter. I'm doing triathlon and I'll compete at Saturday hopefully, 'cause I'm a little bit ill (just a cold). But if I compete, I'll do this whole competition in memory of Pablo. I'll go to the hilt, because I know, the pain I'll feel can't compared to any pain Pablo had to suffer. Or to the mourning about a lost beloved person.
Love to you all, take care.
& sorry, my English isn't perfect in any way.

Anonymous said...

While you are gone - Paul, Bruno, Thea & I will come out to visit Pablo & think of you guys - have a good trip - godspeed - wishing you love AA

Elizabeth said...

Thought you would find comfort/wisdom/good in reading the wise words of my friend and fellow blogger, Vicki Forman, who lost her son this day one year ago. Her post on is beautiful.

Charlotte said...

We have seen one little brown bird at our house for about 3 weeks now!!!!!
Pablo is real!!!!