Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pix From The Dodger Game

Dodgers Ambassador Craig Robbins–pictured here revving up a very shy Pablo on the field–treated Pablo like royalty at the game, making sure we were sorted, shepherding Pablo onto the field and hooking him up with a cool Dodgers tee shirt and gift bag.

We had a great time at the Dodgers game last night. We had so much fun talking and laughing and freaking out at Pablo going onto the field to get a ball signed AND getting his face plastered up on the scoreboard, we didn't even pay attention to the game!

Here are the pix:
Francine, Pablo and Grady on the field

Lookin like an old skool Milwaukee Brave–channeling his grandpa's boyhood idol, Warren Sphan?–a mohawked boy on the field with his backstage pass.
Surveying the field

Pablo saw this pic and said, "Look, there's me, lining up." Pablo on the scoreboard. I mean, the only thing more strange than having a robotic port in his chest is Pablo standing on the field at Dodger Stadium and getting his face up there. Dodgers catcher Russell Martin #55 signing Pablo's ball. He hit a home run or two last night.

Wonder what P was thinking here? Don't think he had a clue that 40,000 people were watching him down there!

A happy boy with his autographed baseball, returning to Francine on the sideline

Above and below: the welcome carpet extended to the digital billboard that lines the inside of the stadium

Jo Ann and Lara Porzak, who happened to be at the game, and knew we were there when she saw Pablo's grill up on the scoreboard.

Dolores, David, Dinah and Alix graciously hosted us in their season seats. It was a blast hanging with David and Alix and their precious twin daughters. David's family has had the seats since the Dodgers came to LA!

Pablo and his Dodger Girl

Julio and Grady
Pablo and Papa


Stephen said...

I'm thinking Pablo is the first person to go onto the field at Dodger Stadium wearing a New Orleans Zephyrs t-shirt. Way to represent, Pablo!

Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes!