Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coming Home From Hospital

The blood tests are back-Pablo's blood is strong, and free of infection. The fevers are a normal part of chemo that we're getting used to. We're happy-and lucky-that to date the heat hasn't been an indicator of a larger blood prob.

Since we are just 48 hours out from Pablo's birthday party on Saturday morning, Dr. M gave us clearance to keep the party on the sked! (There was a chance that he was gonna instruct us to cancel.)

With that, we're outta here, and I'm headed to the office.



Anonymous said...

Hi - This is Dayla. A friend of Suzie's who helped coordinate benefits for my son Fyn Stec when he was undergoing chemo and surgery at Children's Hospital. I just got on your blog and I'm trying to catch up on Pablo. Fyn and Pablo probably have a lot in common! My thoughts are with you guys. Please feel free to write or call...Children's was our home for months and months and we still frequent Oncology for check ups. Lots of Love to Pablo. More soon - Dayla

Unknown said...

happy Birthday to Pablo
many many happy returns of the day.
tum jiyo hajaro saal
sal ke din ho pachas hajar!
kanta(Hrishi's mom)