Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pics from Grady's Graduation

It was a beautiful summer Friday night up in the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. The ceremony took place in a park in Altadena, a mile from Pasadena Waldorf.

Francine snapped the shots ('cept the one she's in, which Mr. Scott Henriksen took). As ever, we are grateful to her, and to all our friends, for joining us.

Here are the pix!

Jo Ann and Grady

Grady and his homie Julio

Grady and his boys: Pablo, Eli (Scott and Helen's son–behind), and Isaac (Phil and Dorrie's son)

Our family at the graduation dinner

Jo Ann and her posse: Dorrie, Helen and Francine

Helen and Eli

Pablotie (sorry, couldn't resist the pun)

Papa's old skool Bob Cousy Celtics '56 Championship PF Flyers, Pablo's creepy Creepers

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Unknown said...

That first one should be captioned "Jo Ann, Grady, and Grady's shoes."