Saturday, June 21, 2008


Five years ago today, Grady counted contractions and famously smashed the crystal of Jo Ann's watch tripping up the stairs, Papa drove really fast to Cedars-Sinai, and Jo Ann did all the hard work to deliver...
...P A B L O !
If you know Pablo, you know he is a torpedo of a kid–boundless energy, a buoyant spirit, a husky little voice box, and enough laughs to fill Lambeau Field.

That morning five years ago, he literally F L E W out of Jo Ann and into Dr. Serden's hands. And he hasn't stopped flying since.
This is how we k n o w he's going to KEEP flying as far and as high as he wants in his life.

Here's to a complete and thorough butt-whipping of every cancer cell in Pablo's body. There could be no better bday wish on this special day.

Thanks to all of you friends and family, new and old and even people we don't know who are reading this blog. We can FEEL your love, and your light. Keep it coming!

Our best wishes and love back to you,

Pablo, Grady, Jo Ann and Jeff


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy day Pablo!! That's such a great baby picture - instantly recognizable as Pablo!

Have a wonderful day. We're very sad as we have awful colds so won't be able to party with you (I was so hoping that they'd be gone by Saturday!), but today more than ever will be thinking of you all and sending positive BIRTHDAY energy your way!

the Nolans xox

MKPatrick said...

Happy Birthday Pablo!!
Have a marvelous day...It's fun to be 5!
Amelia & I (MK) have a little virus so we will have to miss your celebration. We're there with you in spirit.

Sending hugs, love and perfect health!

The Patrix
Mary Kay, Matthew, Luke, Amelia

Unknown said...

It's true..
I've never seen a baby pic that looks soooo much like the grown-er up version!!!!
5 is a big bithday..
In England you can legally smoke and Drink Beer now.

Happy Birthday Pablo..
Love from London
Nick Sarah and Charlotte

Stephen said...

Happy Birthday, Pablo. What a great birthday you have -- the first full day of summer. it's the longest day of the year for the coolest kid in the world.

xo Stephen Godchaux

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pablo! We hope you had a wonderful day. We are sorry to have missed your party. I'm sure it was loads of fun. We have been thinking of you all day.

Lots of love,
Don,Kristal,Lily and Harry

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday!!!!! What is it with colds during summer?!!? I got the bug myself.

Keep flying high and may all of the love surround you on this special day.

Karen Salgado from Tsunami Ent.

Anonymous said...

Mate, wishing you the biggest down-underist happy birthday you could hope for. Look forward to seeing you in that Sydney Swans jersey real soon!

love Troy, Kristy, Bronte, Holly. xxx