Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Barber Of Silverlake

18 days before his fifth bday, Pablo gets his first actual haircut...ever. Coincidentally, he and Grady now have the same hairdo!

Our friend Michael at Rudy's Barbershop has been chopping me and Grady for over seven years. He's a wonderful guy. He's seen Grady grow from a tiny dude, and knew Pablo when he was in Jo Ann's belly. He cut my brother Scott's hair when he was in chemo. Being at Rudy's with Pablo (usually I'm there alone, in the morning) reminds me of the many times we ran into Silversun Pickups' lawyer Tamara Milagros-Butler there. Pablo was under a year old, and this was long before we signed the band to Dangerbird. Surely, running into Tamara at ye olde barbershoppe helped her to think of us when she was shopping SSPU for a deal. I love small details like that. They mean something. And, once again, big, creepy LA is a small town.

Back to the scene tonight: in our wildest dreams, we never could have imagined that one of our kids would be a cancer patient, and he'd be doing a chemo trim. But we are, and he did, and that's that.
We love Michael.

Today was Pablo's debut in Michael's chair. I like to joke that, technically, Pablo has never had a haircut. That's not entirely accurate, cos Jo Ann's aunt Jo trims him every time he's in New Orleans. But, I like to point out, those were
trims and not cuts. Today was a bit more than a trim, but not much. The goal was to gradually shorten Pablo's hair. If we have to shave his head, it might be less of a shock this way. Who knows how this is supposed to go. We're trying consider every angle for our little boy lion (he started referring to himself my this moniker the other day, and we adore it!).

Can you believe we get P.O.'d when people think he's a girl?

The boy lion in full bloom

Pablo in his best Batman pose


Treed said...

Nice! That was pleasant to read. If you let him grow his beard, they will know immediately that he is not a girl.



Anonymous said...

Hello Jeff and Family,

This is Becki from back in the CK days. Malcolm told me this weekend about Pablo and sent me the link to your blog. You are all absolutely incredible. Reading the posts, I can't think of a more appropriate moniker than Lion for your boy.

Every last ounce of positive energy, prayer, whatever you want to call can be certain I'm sending it to all of you, but especially Pablo.

Much, much love.


rebeccook at gmail dot com

Dawn: said...

Pablo could wear a paper bag on his head and look amazing. Love the new cut.