Friday, June 13, 2008

WE ARE ALL BALD! Almost...

Today was our day for shearing. Not much can be written about this. The pics kind of say it all! We are all loving our new hairdos. Pablo especially. Without saying it, I think we were both worried that he'd look 'sick' with his hair shaved off. And that he'd be self-conscious. The good news is, none of that happened. He loves it. He is curious about his dome. He is curious about mine. He is wondering why Mommy sheared her hair too. So much better than him wondering why people are staring at his thinning hair and balding scalp.

So, this is Pablo 2.0, and like so many aspects of the cancer journey, it's not going to way we expected. It's just going the way it's going. And it's cool.

A special note about our longtime friend Michael at Rudy's. I mentioned him in a post last week, when P and I went in for a trim. Can't say enough about him. Every four to six weeks for the past seven years, he has cut my hair. Somewhere along the line, Grady started going to him. It must have been at least six years ago. And he has known Pablo since he was in Jo Ann's belly. Michael is a classic hair stylist–he loooooves to chat, and is almost like a therapist. He is a compassionate, caring person. If I ever look stressed out (imagine that!) in his chair, he asks me what's up, and talk to me about it. He is very good at getting it all out on the table.

In fact, Michael has a one-man show called "Third Chair From The Window" that he performs after hours at Rudy's. It's stories about his family and his clients. Next week, NPR is coming in to do a feature on him! We've never seen the show, and we're looking forward to seeing it next month. As soon as I can find a link to it, I will put it up. I started to cry when we were in there yesterday. Michael cut Scott's hair when he was going through chemo. Never, ever thought I'd see him cutting my little boy's hair for the same reason. But, this is how our story goes, and we were glad to have that consistency and comfort. As he was shaving my head down, a wave of sadness smashed into my heart. Jo Ann noticed it, and came over to comfort me. It felt good to cry, even if it made hair stick to my face.

So, without further ado, here is the story of a little boy's first major haircut.

Our boy lion (he made up the name himself), looking tired.

Michael and his new best client

Halfway there

Bow Wow Wow

Is it 1978, and is this the cover shoot for a No Wave album cover?
The new Pablo, downgraded from major threat to Minor Threat.

The mohawk was P's idea–without ANY prompting from us!
Mommy Mia!

OMFG! He has ears!

Pablo and his new fave toy, his fist.

Papa before...


...and after.

This felt really good on our heads. Dang.

Post-shearing dinner at Malo. The chips went down easier with no hair to get in the way.


Paige said...

You all look great. And what will Grady think when he gets home to his shorn family??

Unknown said...

Jo Ann - you look beautiful! Pablo and Jeff - handsome dudes! What an incredible family - such a demonstration of solidarity and love

Dawn: said...

I am LOVING the new haircuts! You all look AMAZING. But I'm a fan of short hair anyway. ;-)

Anonymous said...

A family portrait is in order! Jo Ann you look amazing with short hair, very French!

Unknown said...

dudes, you all look so great!
like i said, as promised, all for one, one for all, i'm in.
let's hope i can look half ass cool as you guys do =)

i'll be sure to send you guys a picture, see ya soon

Much Love


Anne said...

I don't know who looks more beautiful or stylish.
Hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

you all look tough. Hangin tough

bundyrocca said...


You guys all look great - Jeff i think that'll gain you an extra .5MPH on the downhill at LEAST!

Michael's Extended Long Beach Family said...

I just wanted to send you guys a note! My husband and Michael worked togeather at Rudys....Andy came home one day and told me about this incredible person that he has gotton to know. Needless to say Michael has become a very important part of our lives. He is the most giving, talented and loving soul. Today, we were shooting the %$#@! at our shop and he told me the the story about your beautiful Pablo! Michael was BEEMING when he was talkin gabout this day when he cut your mowhawks!(Very cool, buy the way!)
Michael wanted to send you a smile so we took a picture..the only way I could figur out to send it to you was making it the pic for the Google/Blogger! I hpe you get to see "Third From the Window". We asked him to perform his show for the Grand Opening of our Salon...He is an a amazing man!
We are sending you some beautiful, love, blessings and powerful positive energy!
Have a wonderful Friday!
Michael, Andy and Allison