Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday Party Pix

Pablo's fifth day party on Saturday was hot and sweet. A small army of friends set up the party–physically and logistically–so all we had to do was walk down the hill to the park. This was a huge relief, as was the perfectly shaded spot they chose under a giant tree. It was 95+ degrees Saturday, but somehow, we never felt scorched.

Steven Michael Schwartz, the music man of Walther School ripped through a set of songs that had the kids screaming along and dancing in the aisles. He is a gifted man, and we appreciate the energy he brought to the party. His songs also provided some shelter for Pablo, who has developed an enlarged shyness since his treatment started. The constant presence of adults– doctors, nurses and our friends–around him constantly overwhelms him. Prior to 17 May, this wasn't really an issue.

Since then, Pablo has started to bury his face in our shoulders or laps when he's confronted by outside peeps. So, the singalong took the focus off Pablo and onto SMS and the group. When we bought SMS' bday rock party at the Walther School auction back in March, we couldn't have known how ideal it would be. Just another signpost that led us to a place we didn't know we were going to.

Pablo had a great time hanging with his friends, playing in the trees and grass in the upper reaches of the park. And, of course, he had another field day opening prezzies back at home. We are also BEYOND GRATEFUL for all those who dropped contributions in the Pablove Foundation box at the party. Thanks to all of you, we are quickly amassing a healthy war chest that we will unleash on CHLA very soon. (More on the foundation, and our personal fundraising involvement at CHLA in a later post.)

Here are a few Polaroids from the party, taken by the father and son team Scott and Eli (first grade) Henriksen. If we manage to get more snaps, we'll post them here.

Grady and his little bro Pablo, who is reclining with a can of root beer that's nearly as big as his head.

Pablo, Papa and Mommy at the giant Pirate Boat bday cake.

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Unknown said...

Dudes, great pictures =) was a great party!! i recall watching Pablo and his buddies CHASING and Terrorising Ben in a great way, was seriously out of a movie, hilarious. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. Looks like Pab had a heck of a time. Congrats and Happy Bday once again Super Pablo!