Friday, June 20, 2008

Music News Site THETRIPWIRE.COM Gives Some Pablove, the music news website of Fader Mag, issued a Pablove missive yesterday. And they chose the most rock 'n rollest pic of Pablo to fly above their story (taken by Polly at their secret picnic spot behind the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece atop Barnsdall Art Park in Silverlake).

The story beats the drum for our foundation mission so clearly that we can just ask y'all to click the link and check out their my lazy butt doesn't have to write it myself!
We want to thank Chip Adams and Erin Chandler from Tripwire for the ink. They have been good friends for the past five years (the entire length of P's life), as we have built Dangerbird. I can assure you that I never, ever thought we'd see Pablo's pic on their website. Well, I've always hoped I'd see him up there, but in, like, 2022, with a guitar and a five-star debut record review.

The Tripwire piece is the ideal flashpoint for the discussion on the Pablove Foundation, the launch pad for giving back our experience, strength and hope to the pediatric cancer community in and around Childrens Hospital Los Angeles–one of the best kids' fix-up shops in the world, and one of our neighborhood institutions.
The foundation will make annual contributions to Wilms' Tumor research and treatment at CHLA's Saban Research Institute. We will also support activities, programs and play rooms in the soft tumor unit at CHLA, where Pablo is being treated.

Our family needs all the help it can get in raising funds for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and the cancer reasearch and treatment programs there. CHLA is an not-for-profit, indie operation, and they treat everyone, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Our family, perhaps like yours, have been fortunate in life. We live in a house where sun shines through the windows all day, we have great health insurance, and, like, we haven't missed a meal in a while.

Step one foot into a place like CHLA, and you'll know why I say this. There are people four minutes from where I am writing this, sitting for hours in a waiting room, sick child in their lap, with no insurance, no ability to pay a med bill that costs hundreds of dollars, let alone tens of thousands of dollars. Many of them don't speak English, and can only communicate with a doc or nurse via an interpreter. Maybe they brought their sick child to the hospital on the bus. Or maybe they are the family from down the block who are in between gigs in a creative field, and they had to use the dwindling funds in the bank account to pay the rent and fell behind on Blue Cross payments.
In any case, they probably aren't putting in hours at their job while spending hours in a waiting room.

Those people need our help. The media calls them the working poor. The unisured masses. Whatever you call them, they need our help. When it comes to healthcare, this is where no child should be left behind.
And, while we wait another generation to confront the national healthcare issue, we are asked to pull out our wallets and contribute some of our earnings, so that another might have an easier time. And that's what we will do with the Pablove Foundation.

The funds we raise, and the energy and personal resources we can match it with, will fuel our efforts.
We have been asked by the CHLA Development execs to get involved in a number of projects: the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, which benefits CHLA, (I did last year, and am signed up to do again this year with Adam Harrison from Dangerbird); to join the committee focused on raising $2 million for the in-progress new CHLA hospital from Silverlake/Los Feliz residents; and general marketing / CHLA awareness activities in the community surrounding the hospital (they don't have a marketing department, but Dangerbird does!).

Obviously, our ONLY concern at the moment is getting Pablo better. Time is precious these days. So, we've been meeting with the development people while we're sitting around waiting for test results at the Oncology Clinic. Also, Jo Ann and I have decided that while P is in treatment, I will stand in for most of this stuff. We want the foundation and our fam can get a hand in the game now, while the iron is hot in our hearts. When Pablo gets his "all clear" report card, she will step in and join me. And I can only imagine the fireworks that will erupt at that point....

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Hi again and Happy Almost Birthday to Pablo. I showed Fyn pictures of Pablo getting his hair cut by Michael at Rudy's. Funny. Thats who has been cutting Fyn's hair over the years too. He really enjoyed seeing the pictures of Pablo and all the music posters that he loves in the background. I hear you have Dr. Stein as your surgeon. You will be in excellent hands! -- Dayla (and Fyn)