Sunday, June 1, 2008

Photos From Our Bike Ride

It's rarely 71 degrees on the east side of LA. It's either cold or scorching. But 71 was our lucky number this afternoon! Our experiment to get Pablo out on the bike worked wonderfully, and without a hitch. Now we're ready for our dinner delivery from Malo, courtesy of the Hermelin/Frank clan.

Tower of Power: Two brothers at the start of the ride.

I bought each of us boys a red-dot King Of The Mountains cycling jersey last July at the Tour de France. Today was the first day we all wore them at the same time.

La famiglia stesso ritratto (familia self-portrait). Is it street legal to say la mamma guarda caldo (mommy looks hot)? Hope so!

Thanks to roller girl for this shot of us on our machines.

Grady and Pablo, stranded on the path. Grady got a flat! But, face it, he's having a good hair day.

Pablo threw a branch up into the tree. This is his victory pose. Photo by Grady.

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