Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello From The Oreology Clinic!

We are checking in live from the Oncology Clinic. Everybody here thinks Pablo came in for chemo. They are wrong. It's all a front. He really turned up here at 1:30 p.m. so Billy and Shirley could deliver O.G. flavor Pinkberry with Oreos!

We've rechristened this joint the Oreology Clinic. The maintenance guy is changing the sign as we speak. He's gonna get a pint of green tea Pinkberry upon completion. Seems like a fair deal fer sure.

Next week, we're gonna switch out the chemo vials for caramel vials. And the week after, we'll pump raspberry topping into the blood vials!

OK, exiting the Good Ship Lollipop, coming back to reality....

Dr. Mascarenhas just stepped in and is examining Pablo. He's in a very jolly mood. Pablo was chopping me to bits with his mini pirate sword with the doc came in. "You'd better not chop me up with that sword!" said the doc. "That'd be a very bad idea."

We all cracked up. Very true. We love Dr. M. He is a good guy.

Now we're waiting for the chemo fairy, and we'll be outta here.

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