Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Brief Recap On Our Saturday Night ER Visit

Somehow, this post never went live. Jo Ann wrote it on Sunday. It's about our brief visit to the ER on Saturday night. Pablo was complaining that his "bump" hurt, so we rushed to CHLA in the middle of dinner.

Here's the post:

As we were leaving the ER, Jo Ann asked our nurse, Stephanie (so far she's been us for every ER visit), if she thought we were crazy for coming in so much.

Stephanie's response: "I'd rather be here with nothing than home with something. If this was my baby, I'd be here right now."

As Pablo walked by Stephanie at the ER front desk, she playfully asked him, "Whaaaat? You're leaving our Saturday night date already?"

PS: No one ever told us that when the tumor is shrinking and the cancer cells are dying and the molecules are falling off that it could cause some discomfort. Now we know...

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