Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jo Ann On: The Masked Bandits At Walther School

Pablo's shy about school now. All this extra love and attention lately makes him a little bit anxious...and, now, to top it off–he has to wear a mask at school when his blood counts are low.

Last Thursday morning, we received a call from our beloved Laryl at The Walther School. She knows that we were planning to come to school on Fridays for yoga with Ananta. This particular week, Ananta was coming on Thursday instead. So, Pablo and I got ready to go for our last yoga with Ananta, as graduation is TOMORROW! I had to explain to Pablo that he and I would be wearing our masks in the classroom, and he was OK with that. I was nervous because, he is already having big feelings. I thought the two of us going in with masks on would only deepen his shyness.

When we arrived at school, as is the tradition, Pablo wanted to sit outside and read a book before going into the classroom. Ananta poked out and told us to give them a minute. When we came into the room, ALL of the children and ALL of the teachers were wearing masks!!!! Of course, I started to cry. I'm crying now just recalling it. Pablo felt completely comfortable. Of COURSE he did! We keep learning grace and serenity from him. He lives in the moment. We all did 45 minutes of yoga with our masks on and it was truly a beautiful thing...

Gloria snapped a few shots (see below). Again, reminding us of how blessed we are to be a part of such a loving community. I, personally, want to thank all of these amazing kids for uniting in solidarity with their buddy, Pablo.

Jo Ann

Here are some of Gloria's photos:


Anonymous said...

wow those pics even made me cry!

Paige said...

I'm crying, too. What a lovely thing your schoolmates did, and how funny to find blessings in such a trying and scary time. Thanks, as ever with this blog, for sharing this.

Susan and Clan said...

Jo Ann do you remember in Kindergaten when Maddie had to patch her eye (only 9 years ago!!) It was on very very different terms but the feeling of a child not so different. Kathy held a circle and Maddie and David talked about the patch and then handed them out so the kids could wear them with her for the first morning. Grady was a part of that morning, patch and all. The grace you speak of has been a part of your life for so long and it is no wonder that it continues to rise to the top during even the toughest times. I am glad for that.

Dawn: said...

Wow, what grace. That made me cry too.