Friday, March 6, 2009

We are home

We are home.

The home nurse was waiting outside for us when we arrived. He came in and explained everything we received and showed me how to administer the Ampicillin. Not too complicated, but after 40 minutes it didn't look like any of the medicine was gone from the ball that self pumps into his line. After a couple of calls to our care manager at CHLA and the pharmacist, I tried to flush his line and discovered that the nurse had not actually UNclamped his line - so none of the medicine went through. I cleaned everything with alcohol and started over. This time it all worked. Thing is, now Pablo is feeling warm—teetering on the fever mark that demands a return visit to the hospital. I'm kind of freaking out, but trying to remain calm. Going back to the ER tonight does not sound like fun to me... but we do what we must and I'm taking his temp every 15 minutes. 99.7 at the moment.

Not to "put it out there," but I am emotionally preparing for the possibility that we will be going back...

The little P, on the other hand, is happy and smiling and laughing and playing with his doggies and loving being back home - for now.

Jo Ann


Anonymous said...

Sending coooooooooooooooooool vibes your way. Fingers crossed you get to stay home.

Emma xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys.... I am sure P is fine. Keep up the good work, I was happy to read he only has one more chemo admission! That is great!
I do not want to see you back on 4west when I come in on Mon. Or worse yet another floor! Jo Ann, keep me posted an let me know if you need me.
Much Love, Danica

nevrik said...

Great news, soo happy that you guys are home and chemo is almost over. Our prayers are with you.
love Nevrik

Anonymous said...

i love y'all. xoxoxoxo