Monday, March 16, 2009

Loose Toof!

Pablo's front teeth are both loose. Especially the one he's pointing to in the photo. He's fascinated with this, as are we. The tooth fairy sensation is taking over the house as Pablo pines for his first TF payday, and Grady waxes on about his days stacked with dental loot. I know this is such a cliche, but it seems like it was just last month that Grady was hiding a molar under his pillow.

This time honored time of wonder has its cautionary side for our family. Last night, when Jo Ann was disconnecting Pablo's antibiotic pump from his port, she noticed a small pool of blood on his pillow. She and Grady and I were up in P's mouth with a Maglite searching for the origin of the blood. We didn't want to assume it was his tooth. In fact, there was no blood on the tooth. It was a serious scene, prying open the mouth of our sleeping child. He didn't wake up - he's so used to people poking and prodding him during the night that it doesn't phase him.

We're back at CHLA to meet with Dr M. We assume this is a general meeting. We didn't know about it until this morning. We do know that P's blood counts are not high enough today to start that final four day run of chemo. But Jo Ann swears we'll be in the zone by the end of the week.


beth said...

ohhhhhhhhh i love wriggling out loose teeth........ its the dental hygienist in me i guess.
i hear that sometimes if a kid leaves a note he not only gets something from the tooth-fairy but also gets to keep his tooth.
we had this book at one of the offices i worked at..... ....i think it was this book.... anyway, it talks about what kids do with their teeth all over the world...its kinda cool

beth said...

actually, i think it was this book