Sunday, March 1, 2009

The View From Room 435

See how beautiful the view is? We will have plenty of opportunity to appreciate it. Dr Finley came by this morning to brief us on the bacteria in Pablo's blood. It's the better of the two types of bacteria-good news. The tough news is that we'll be here for seven to 10 days knocking it all out of his system.

This is THE kind of thing that can't be handled lightly. Pablo does not need a second major front in the war. One is enough.


Anonymous said...

wow the view looks great hope all is well with the family and pablo is ok do you know if jennifer beals is entering the miami triathlon on 15 march

Heather said...

Love the communication between certain entities at that place.I swear it is my biggest and really only complaint.I dare say we have possibly become loathed for our pushing and following up on other duties.Oh,well all about these kids.Which brings me to Pablo.Feel better buddy and we will see you tomorrow!!

Dawn: said...

I've been out of the loop for a bit. Jo Ann, I'm sorry you were so sick but glad you're feeling better. Hope this latest hospital stay resolves smoothly and quickly for Pablo. Love you all.