Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pablo's First Tooth!

One down, 19 to go! The deed went down at Francine's new house. Jo Ann, Grady and P stopped there to meet up with her and Helen, and to see how they were getting on with moving Francine's furniture in. Helen picked up sammies for lunch. P snagged a ham n cheese sam, tore into it, and left the tooth in the bun.

A few minutes later, I got a call at the office. It was Pablo. I picked up the line and heard this voice on the other end scream 'My tooth fell out Papa!' I made them stop in their tracks and come to the office so I could see this wonderful toothless boy. Amazing!

By the way: earlier this morning, Jo Ann took P to CHLA for a blood draw. His platelets are at 71,000. Dr M told them to come back in the morning, and he'll check him in for his FINAL ROUND OF CHEMO!!!!!!!

I will be on a plane to Austin at 6:30 a.m. Going there for the South By Southwest music festival. I wish I was going to be here to check in for this last run. But, then, it's symbolic that I'm taking my FIRST business trip since Pablo's diagnosis as he and Jo Ann check in at CHLA for the final run. That will be some fuel in my tank, knowing that Jo Ann and I are dividing our duties and kickin ass.


Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME!!!! Just showed Asa the pic & he smiled (he thought it was so cool that Pablo lost his tooth in the sandwich!)

We are on Tooth Fairy Patrol here, waiting for Asa's first tooth to fall out, too!

The Kastners

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, congrats P! First tooth is a big one...I hope you know the fairy brings extra for that one! I work Sat, can't wait to see the empty space in his grill. :O
xoxo Danica

Tiwanna said...

That's great news. I've only been following P's story for a few months. It's was sooo easy getting hooked into such a cute little guy and wanting to know he's doing well. Great work on the blog. Again great news on the chemo. And Pablo is looking great with the new grill.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pablo! Lucas just lost one of his bottom, front teeth two days ago! Wow - Felicidades to you too. The tooth fairy came and he got 3 quarters! Now he doesn't want to EVER brush his teeth, so that they'll get all nasty and fall out and he'll (a) get more money from the tooth fairy, and (b) get to visit the dentist more often, hence getting more free toys at the end of his visits. Quite some crafty thinking there, eh? Your blog says you're home, so tell your folks and brother to call us if you guys need anything at all (even chocolate or junk food). Oh, Michele listened to your dad today on KCRW's archives - great show! Love, the Greys up the hill.