Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round 2

Our day here has been great. Pablo woke up early and discovered that our nurse, Laurin, had disconnected him from his fluids. He was free to roam. He came over and crawled into the chair bed with me and we cuddled and slept for another two hours. Sweet.

When we woke up we found out that our day nurse today was Jeff. We love Jeff. He is so kind and caring - so very attentive and nurturing. Pablo went to the playroom at opening time - 9:30a and jumped into a game of Bingo. I went next door to Starbucks and got us our morning beverages. When Pablo came back to our room, about an hour later, he had a bag of loot. Apparently he won five games of Bingo and got to chose some fun objects from the winner's bin. His favorite being his groucho marx glasses and eyebrows as seen here.

After a short nap, Pablo decided that he wanted to go visit someone... Zoey! We went over to 4E and found that Zoey had moved to the big corner room. We went in and, seriously, a party ensued. Zoey was in a great mood - all smiles. Zoey's roommate has a sibling Pablo's age and they had met earlier in the playroom - so they had a great time. Then Heather showed up with three of Zoey's siblings... it was fun.

Francine brought us dinner tonight, so we left for the conference room and more playing ensued. Pablo set up some games to play with whatever he could find - and kept himself and us entertained until 9pm.

Danica is our nurse tonight - how lucky are we... all of our favorites! The chemo is flowing and P is sleeping and I'm on my way.

Jeff comes home tomorrow - we miss him like crazy. Grady is with Jimmy and we miss him like crazy, too. We get to see them both tomorrow.

Sweet dreams.
Jo Ann

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That photo is beyond words.