Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pablo+Polly+The Park

We were at Griffith Park all day. Rode the train twice, and checked out the motion simulator roller coaster there. At Trails, we had snacks and strolled the creek with our lemonades. I didn't take many pictures since I only have my janky phone. On the first one you should know he shouted out "I'm smiling!" so I would know he was under the mask.
The second is blurry because he gets annoyed at me snapping his photo all the time and I was trying to be sly between his backward glances. He found a great walking stick and was leaving me in his dust. I kind of like the photo though. It looks like a painting.

On the way home I remarked on what a great day we had. He agreed, sighing "We had adventures..."

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Anonymous said...

i'm smiling too. thanks.