Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The 80s: Riverboats+Radiation

Woke up yesterday to an email from Fred with a link to a radio/video interview with Bono and Edge. In the interview, which took place Monday morning, Edge revealed his addiction to Eagles Of Death Metal. I have that addiction too and I am grateful to call myself the manager of that band+excited to hear their name in the Edge's Dublin accent. I don't care how old I get, that kind of stuff still gets me. And I ain't too proud to say it.

Woke up this morning and bought the new U2 album on iTunes. I am a fan, and that's what fans do: they purchase records. Jo Ann hung with+saw them play while floating down the Mississippi River on the Riverboat President on February 11 1982. I fell in love with their songs on the dry land of album rock radio in Milwaukee and was fully blown after seeing them devour Live Aid 1985. I know people have their opinions on U2 and other huge bands. I love em and I ain't too proud to say it.

On October 7 2008, U2 guitarist a/k/a Jo Ann's 30 year crush, sent Pablo a hand written note. The 80s were great for all of us. I graduated grade school. Jo Ann moved to DC, then LA, to work for Esprit. The Edge, well, you know what he did: three chords and the truth and all that.

But many rattles and many nursery rhyme hums later, two people who floated down the Mississippi on that riverboat back in the 8-2 found themselves in another esteemed group: cancer parents. Edge's little girl Sian went through leukemia treatment in 2006. She is a cancer survivor. That's pretty deep when you think about it. Let's say you saw this scene in a movie: 120 people on that boat. Two of them, two decades later, would meet people, fall in love, you know, um, consummate that love, bear children...and those children would be diagnosed with cancer.

That's real deal bidness right there. But I'm gonna end on a positive note re: Edge's note. It gave us and gives us hope and made us and makes us happy. A simple piece of paper with ink on it. It's one of the reasons I am dedicated to this blog. Cos all I have to do is sit down and tap the keys. Doesn't matter what I say. What comes out is the truth. Getting rid of it makes me lighter and makes room for hope. Based on a few comments we've gotten here and from running into friends, I have ascertained that our blog+the words we write on it has given hope to others.

Sometimes I go back through the comments on the blog—letters from all of you rock stars in our lives—and I read the love and hope and shock and dreams. All of it. I take it in. And it reminds me we are not alone in this game. Remembering we are together, connected, not alone—that's the only game I want me and my familia to be in.

All of this coalesced in my head, once again, this morning, as I found myself tapping the BUY button of Edge's new record.

What I'm talking about is hope. A simple gesture sent a huge jolt of hope through our lives.


Heather said...

I wrote a long post and poof .. disappeared into thin air.Here it goes again.Hope and love.That's all we have here on this journey.Yesterday as I walked off that elevator I cannot articulate the feelings that surfaced.I felt as if the weight of the day had been lifted but at the same time a heavy weight because of what has brought us together.As I spied Pablo down the hall I again cannot due justice to what first came to mind but it was a sense of joy as I could almost feel the spirit of that child from a distance.One special little man.One I have come to love.So hope is what I continue to cling to as well.For all of us but most especially for these children.That floor is such a vast contradiction.Blessings so deep with an equal measure of sadness.On some days that damn sadness wins out.I hope you have home on the horizon.And Jo Ann ... step away from the EDGE.Been in love with that band for over 25 years and the Edge well,I don't need to tell you.Love to you all.And to Pablo I couldn't agree more:A brave soldier indeed.

Unknown said...

Nuf said. Amen..

Anonymous said...

Hope Rides Again!!!!!!