Monday, March 2, 2009

Operation Pablo

This is Pablo's first CHLA stay since we moved into our new office. We are 90 seconds—by car or bike—down Sunset Boulevard. I popped over here between meeting to say good morning and to hug my lovely wife and son. When I walked in, they were deep in a game of Operation: SpongeBob edition. Pablo let me pull a flaming heart out of Mr Bob, and he let me pocket the $300 fee for doing so. Great, now I can buy lunch at Vons next door.

On the medical front: the bacteria that's keeping us here has not shown itself in any tests since the first one. That's good-ish news. But it's not a get out of CHLA free card. They will still do daily blood draws and scan for any funny stuff. And P will remain on multiple daily rounds of two different antibiotics.

There's a chance we will be able to go home sooner than the seven to 10 day frame that I mentioned yesterday. The docs want to see a sustained uptick in P's white blood count in order for that to go down. We will have to administer the antibiotics at home in that scenario. That means an electronic I.V. machine will have to be delivered, and we'll (most likely Jo Ann lol) learn how to hook up P's port and start the machine. Seems easy enough. Especially with the HUGE upside of Pablo being able to be HOME.

We think we're at least 48 hours from this potential discharge.

OK, time to kiss the boy goodbye.

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