Monday, March 2, 2009

Pablo's Goin To Work

You know, down the block...?

That's what he said when he put on his snow boots (hand-me-downs) from Grady. He jumped off the bed and said, 'Oops! I forgot to put on my pants before I went to work!' His O.G. Silversun Pickups tee is one heck of a work uniform for a job down the street.

Right before P did that, he picked up my Blackberry and called Peter. They chatted for like 10 minutes. I could only hear P's end of the convo. It was hilarious and I enjoyed watching Pablo work the phone.

It's bedtime over here. Nurse Danica is hooking up P's meds. Jo Ann has made the parent bed under the window. Normally she sleeps in bed with P, but she is still getting over being sick and had a rough night last night.

I'm headed home to hit the rack myself. I am still fighting some funkiness in my head and in my gut. It kept me up half the night last night. Hopin for a better go of it tonight.

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