Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tooth Fairy Visit #1

Pablo and Polly made this adorable envelope for le tooth fairy. Jo Ann and I both wanted to do the TF duty, so we did it as a team. Interestingly, he was sleeping on his back, one arm behind his head, and his mouth was wide open. I wonder if he purposely positioned himself that way, to give the Tooth Fairy a good look at his grill gap? We'll never know...unless P wishes to share it with us.

By the way, we decided to give Pablo $5. As Jo Ann opened her wallet, she said, 'Most kids only get $1, but we're giving him a five!' It was the easiest convo about money any married couple has ever had. If she'd have pulled out a $20 bill I would have agreed to that as well....

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Tiwanna said...

Maybe he thought she needed to see where the tooth came from to determine it's worth. :)

He's Adorable and an awesome kid. My best to you Pablo and to his awesome support personnel, his family and extended family at the hospital.