Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Night Sleepover With Polly

Pablo invited Polly for a sleepover tonight–as in, Polly only. No Mommy, no Papa. We, uh, agreed to that immediately! It is a special thing to have Polly sleep over. It will create a new vibe for Pablo. And Polly will love it. In a strange way, it's kind of fun to sleep here. The place has a rhythm and purpose all its own. We are part of it but it could be anybody in this room, getting vitals checked all night. Hospitals don't care who you are, they are just programmed to help the occupants of the beds. They are caring and comforting. And it's easy to see that at night, when the only creatures stirring are nurses.

We've had a steady stream of visitors today, which has underlined the relative peacefulness of the day. This morning, Joe came over to take me on a bike ride. Beth brought lunch, and Ray came over to hang. Sean came over to take me out for a coffee. Joe came back a few minutes ago, and brought Gigi, his beautiful wife. Their daughter Sidney went to school with Grady for the past 10 years, so we've been friends with them for quite some time. Although this cancer episode is totally unexpected fork in everyone's journey with us, we couldn't think of two better people to spend time chatting with in the conference room. Sharona's bringing Mediterranean dinner from Culver City. Then I'm headed across the street to the Vista Theater with Ray to see 'Tropic Thunder.' On the way out, I'll pick up Jo Ann and we'll head home together, just in time to catch up with Grady. He's going to the Sunset Junction festival (around the corner from CHLA) with another grade school classmate, Ruby.

On a side note, while I've been writing this, our nurse came in to administer another enema to Pablo. I know, just what you want to hear about at dinner time. All I need to say is that, unlike yesterday's enema, this baby WORKED! Just another thing going our way today.

That's all for now. Will check in on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jo Ann and Jeff,

I just found out about Pablo from Cheri, Jackson's mom. My thoughts and prayers are with Pablo and you all, as well as for the surgeons, for tomorrows surgery. Praying all goes well and for a speedy and complete recovery. Sounds like you have an excellent surgical team in whom you have confidence and can trust. I know Pablo is in good hands.
My granddaughter Mickenzie was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms July 2003 and completed treatment Sept 2004. Left kidney favorable, right kidney diffuse anaplasia. You can read about her journey at
Looking forward welcoming you to our Wilms group at Cheri emailed me that you tried to join but was having problems. I sent her the info for you to get in.
Sending lots of prayers, positive healing thoughts and hugs from Virginia Beach, VA
Linda grandma to Mickenzie