Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Different Kind Of Action At CHLA

There was a cops 'n robbers shootout on Sunset and Vermont a few minutes ago. Both streets are closed down for a block in each direction of that intersection. Someone on the street told me the robbers had hit a store on Vermont, and the gunplay erupted when the LAPD turned up to do 'em in.

Batman was nowhere in sight by the time I got down there, but I'm sure he did his thang and fleed the scene. After all, the Batcave (spolier alert!) is located in nearby Beachwood Canyon. Plus, it's faaaar too hot out there to be rockin a black cape 'n mask ensemble.

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Jory said...

As it happens, I was driving home with Stella and Theo on Sunset Blvd where we were stuck in the resulting traffic jam.

I looked up and saw the CHLA building and I told Stella (5) and Theo (3) the Pablo story, that he's in that building over there and that we needed to pray and think our best thoughts for his test results and his getting well.

News flash - We don't really pray much as a family (or not at all - never before.) In any case, Stella and Theo got it right away. Stella added to our prayer that she wants Pablo to get well and get home so she could play with him get to know him again (it's been a while since she last saw him.)

Kind of a personal milestone for us - the whole family prayer thing - and it felt really powerful. I hope that things worked out okay with the cops and robbers, but for the three of us in the car this afternoon the shootout street closure was a positive event that I had to share after reading this.